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They tell me friends come and go, but I’ll never stop missing you. I loved and cared for you more than anyone else, and will never understand how you could just walk away without a word to say. I think about you every day, and wonder if you’ll ever come back into my life.

I wish I could be more.
(Six Word Story)

Words of Emotion
You messaged me out of the blue.
I wasn’t looking for anyone,
In fact I was too busy running from someone else,
But I slowed down enough to reply
You slowly became my good morning text,
My drunken phone call,
My tearful FaceTime when work had wrung me out like a dirty tea towel,
And you were there,
When you visited, you fit into my house like a piece of furniture
That had always been there but I hadn’t noticed.
Your body left imprints in my mattress,
And I couldn’t stand to see them disappear when you travelled back to the other side of the country again,
So I asked you to move in after three months.
“You’ll regret it.”
“It’s too soon.”
We would giggle at the messages as we moved your teddies next to mine,
And slid your books on my shelves and your posters on my wall.
Now you are never away long enough for the dent in the pillow to vanish,
Because your head is there every evening,
Beside mine,
Kissing me goodnight.
And all it took was
Yes we met on tumblr, no she wasn’t a fifty year old man. (via sugarhowyou-getsofly)

Your first message captured me, forever…

things we hated as children: being spanked and naps
things we love as adults: being spanked and naps




I continue to drown in my thoughts, and feelings. Therapy was supposed to help. Fuck this shit.


Words of Emotion